Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Option Monday: Buy when there is blood in the streets

I am up huge on AAPL today. Like I stated in last weeks article, I sold 75% of my Options on Friday for well over 100% gain. This morning on the gap down I Dollar Cost Averaged back into my Jan 335 and halved my cost basis. Additionally, I purchased 10 Feb 330 at around 227.

AAPL was off 6% on the day, and I am up $6000.

Buy when theres blood in the streets!

I am still only holding  5 of the Feb 330 Call into earnings.

Best of luck,



  1. Very nice job Craig. I wondered about you over the weekend on the Jobs story. I am the person who questioned why you would buy in the month calls going into earnings. 75% liquidation on friday was very nice.

    I held onto the April 320's and enjoyed the roller coaster ride today, knowing that I had t on my side to make money eventually. I broke even today and will probably exit before the end of the week.

    Again, nice play.

  2. Its always tempting to put up a small amount of money in a stock option in the hope that a stocks price will go in the direction you wished.