Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The 20YM Mission Statement

The United States of America is a nation of limitless opportunity and endless possibility. Yet many of us feel trapped, buried in debt and struggling to make ends meet. We have become a consumer nation, taught to spend, to borrow and then spend some more. We live paycheck to paycheck with no definitive plan for the future. This is an unsustainable cycle that must be broken to achieve financial freedom. However, somewhere along the line, achieving the American Dream became demonized. Political demagoguery pits the wealthy against the poor creating a culture of victimization. Well, I am not wealthy, but I am not a victim. I am a product of my own decisions. Some good, some bad, and some awful, but they were all my decisions. Many will have you believe that decisions don’t matter, if you weren’t born lucky, attractive or wealthy you are destined to struggle financially and drown in an endless sea of debt. They want you to believe that you have no options, you have no future and you have no choices.  The American Dream as we know it is dead.

I reject this premise outright.

I am a firm believer in free market capitalism and still believe in the American dream.  I realize that the road to financial freedom is long and difficult, but, I believe it is attainable. I believe the best vehicle to reach financial freedom is disciplined investment in stable dividend paying companies. I’m looking for long term appreciation and not succumbing to the daily gyrations of the market.  That’s not to say I won’t trade on these fluctuations- I do plan to use option strategies to maximize profits and minimize my risks.

This blog will document my march towards financial freedom, and hopefully inspire others to take full advantage of what this great country has to offer.  My financial goal for the next 20 years is to increase my equity portfolio to amount greater than $1,000,000. This blog will document every major financial decision I make. It will document every trade I make. It will document every investment I make. I will lay out my quarterly plans, and update my portfolio status weekly. I will share my net income and expenses. You will get a blow by blow recap of my successes and failures. The 20YM will serve as road-map for my goals.

I understand this is a huge commitment of time, and could potentially backfire in my face. However, I am not one for giving up, and I enjoy a good challenge. I plan on updating as needed but at least once a week. My next post will detail my financial goals for 9/01/10-12/31/10.

All the best,



  1. What a great idea, just came across your blog. I plan on following you along your journey, best of luck!

    I have a similar blog in regards to my daughter's 529 College Savings Plan.

  2. Excellent idea, because I did achieve it over the past 15 years using rental income+income stocks+side biz income, reinvest/compounding idea. I believe the average person can achieve $1+ M success, if they have the discipline and effort to work, save, invest. You do not need to be a genius like Warren Buffet or Bill Gates ( though that of course would be nice! ).

  3. Are you going to chart your progress? How much are you starting with and are you adding capital periodically? If so, how much? Warren Buffett includes his cost basis on his stock tables together with market value. Always an interesting scorecard. Thx! I have been investing for 10 years -- overall returns not that great.

  4. I just came across your blog. Love the idea. Takes guts to share your wins & losses. I hope you achieve the dream. I think but making it public as it were, you reinforce your dream and discipline. I'll be here to root you on.

  5. Keep em honest Craig. A good pursuit!!Cheers, it will be nice to give back to the community when you have financial freedom acheived, and your time is your own!!I hav been working on something similar for a few years..if nothing changes, nothing changes.
    Hong Kong